5 Android Application Emulators To Use In Windows

At this time in which the use of different alternatives, in terms of operating systems designed for mobile devices, is so widespread, it is not surprising that different application developers and platforms of all types do their best to Be able to function simultaneously in several of them. We talk, on one side of Android or iOS on mobile, or Windows, more focused on desktop environments.


If we focus on the first case, that is, the proposals we have for mobile systems, arguably the most widespread and used today is the one offered by Google with its Android. On the other hand and if we focus on desktop environments, in that case, the clear “King” is Windows. For all this, it is always grateful to be able to use some of the applications developed by third parties on both platforms, as we will show you in the next lines thanks to the emulators that we will present.

Specifically, we are going to talk about programs that are increasingly widespread because they focus on the two most common alternatives of both environments we just mentioned, Android and Windows. In fact on the Internet we find several options as applications that act as emulators to be able to run applications, among them and how could it be otherwise, games, which usually run on Android, but this time in our team with Windows. In this way, we will not be limited to the screens of the mentioned mobile devices and we will be able to make use of our favorite app of these, on a bigger screen like the one that we use on the computer.

For all of this, we are going to show you some of the most widespread available alternatives of the moment to carry out this type of emulation actions.



To start talking about emulators, we are going to talk about a project of these characteristics but somewhat peculiar, since, contrary to what is usual in these cases, Manymo does not require any installation in the system where it is going to be used, Since it works on-line via the web. At first, this service can be used by any user previous registration obligatory in the portal and thus to be able to test habitual applications of Android through any browser. However, it also has a feature especially suitable for developers of apps for the Google system. To make use of it, before we will have to create a Developer Account so they can easily test their own projects as they are created



Andy, Once we have downloaded and installed this emulation software, we will soon realize that we have a very similar user environment to the original Android, but in this case adapted to a desktop system, which is what It really is. Valid for both Windows and Mac has a multitude of official applications Android pre-installed, but later we can add all we want and refer to all kinds of uses. It integrates the official store Google Play, habitual in these emulators, reason why the habitual users of the system of Google will not have many problems when it comes to working with Andy. Emulators Remix OS Player Here we are going to focus on one of the preferred sections of a large number of users in this type of systems, we refer, of course, to games. And is that this proposal focuses precisely on this entertainment software that we usually use on our smartphone or tablet. It is an adaptation of another of the great known of this sector, Remix OS, but that allows us to enjoy to the maximum of the Android games in our computer since it adapts the original window of the own game to the PC so that we can use it to screen Complete



If there is something that characterizes this emulator that takes less time between us than other more veteran proposals, it is its simplicity of use and high speed of process when it comes to running applications of all kinds. For all this, to its user interface, we can not ask for too many frills besides the very emulation of applications as such, little more.





This is an option available only for the Windows desktop system, although the truth is that it is a very interesting alternative for users of the same. In addition to being able to use all types of Android applications on our PC, we will have the possibility to record and share with others the games that we make with the installed games, use several user accounts in this same software and also make a series of suggestions regarding The applications and games that work best in Koplayer.

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