5 Characteristics Of Fast Charging On Mobiles

Fast charge. Not long ago smartphones began to arrive with this feature. Fast charging is something quite remarkable in smartphones, because even though the smartphone battery runs out, we can charge it quickly. Now, there are 5 fast loading features that are very relevant.

1.- Fast charging is not constant
Sometimes we hear that a cell phone can charge up to 70% in just half an hour. Or we hear that we can charge six hours of use charging only 15 minutes the mobile. And the logical thing is to think why you never talk about how long it takes to charge 100%. As this happens because the loading speed is not constant. That is, the stretch from 0% to 70% (may vary), is the fastest load. From here, the charging speed drops, and it will take a lot longer to charge the last section of the battery. That’s why we never talk about how long it takes to charge 100%.

2.- It is only fast charge with the screen off
With the screen on, the mobile consumes a lot more battery. That is why if you want the mobile to use fast charging, you should not have the screen on. And is that, having such a high power consumption, when the screen is on the charging speed is reduced to normal rate.

3.- You need a compatible charger
If your mobile is compatible with fast charging, you can charge it faster than a smartphone that does not have this technology. However, it is true that fast charging requires a compatible charger. And there are different technologies, so this charger will have to be compatible with that particular technology.


4.- There are external batteries of fast charge
External batteries are useful when traveling and we will not be able to connect the mobile to the mains. However, today the mobiles consume so much energy that if we are using them we will not be able to charge the battery to the sufficient rate if it is not a battery of fast load. If your mobile phone has a fast charge, buy an external fast charging battery.

5.- Fast charging could be a standard
We have already said that there are many different fast charging technologies. However, it seems that Google may want to standardize the fast loading technologies so that there are not so many variants, and all have to have features in common. In this way, it would be much simpler for users, who would not have to be buying external chargers and batteries compatible with the fast charging technology of their mobile.

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