Some Features And Uses Of Apple Watch 2017

The second generation of the smart watch comes with important advances regarding the first version, such as the inclusion of GPS, which allows it to increase its independence and to be a useful element when going from one side to another or give it use Like pedometer. The name of the new model is Apple Watch 2017Apple Watch 2017.

With the WatchOS 3 operating system, Cupertino’s new smartwatch also offers improved resistance compared to its predecessor as it is now possible to use it when swimming (up to 50 meters deep). Of course, it maintains exclusive compatibility with the company’s own iPhone and the screen remains unchanged with dimensions of 1.3 inches and is AMOLED type brighter.

Inside the Apple Watch 2017 comes a new dual-core S2 processor that promises up to 50% more performance than the previous version of the watch allowed. This means that the response to establishing communication with Siri or running applications is much more fluid.


Other details that are of the game in the new Apple Watch 2017 are the compatibility with Bluetooth and WiFi, allowing it to be always connected, and maintains the microphone, so the interaction is complete. In terms of design, metal is still present and the digital crown is an essential part of the smartwatch, at least in terms of use – without the need for infrared pulse control.

Also keep the different straps present to give a different look to the smart watch and the two dimensions of the crown are as follows: 38 and 42 millimeters.

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