How to back up scheduled tasks in Windows 10

The Windows 10 Task Scheduler is a tool that has been around for a long time with the Microsoft operating system and many users still do not get the best of it. It is a complement that allows us to schedule automated tasks that are performed periodically at a specific time or when a certain event or action occurs. However, if at any time we perform a formatting or reinstallation of the operating system, we will lose all scheduled tasks. In order for this to happen, let’s show below how to backup the scheduled tasks in Windows and how we can restore them.

Windows 10

Almost everyone performs certain tasks periodically on their computer. Tasks that, on the other hand, can take us a good time each time we have to perform them and also suppose us having to be aware that we do not forget to perform them. Therefore, it is interesting to use the task scheduler and forget about the rest, since it allows us to schedule tasks to be performed periodically at certain times or whenever there is an event or action in the system.

Steps to follow to create a backup of the scheduled tasks and how to restore them

Although every time we perform a reinstallation of Windows formatting the computer we usually save all our data in a safe place to be able to restore them later, most users do not do this same with their scheduled tasks and realize after you have lost them all.


To make a backup of all our scheduled tasks in Windows 10, the first thing we have to do is open the task scheduler itself, something we can do simply by typing Task Scheduler in the Cortana search box or from the Administrative Tools Of the Control Panel. Once we have the Task Scheduler open, we select the Task Scheduler Library and in the central panel where the list of scheduled tasks appears, select one of our scheduled tasks that we want to back up.

Scheduled tasks
With it selected, we click on the task with the right mouse button and select the option Export that appears in the context menu. Next, a modal window will open that allows us to save the backup of this scheduled task and from which we can indicate the path where we want to save it and the name we want to give it. If we look, the backup file is an XML that will be the one that we have to use to later perform a task restoration.

Scheduled tasks


The process of restoring the scheduled tasks is quite simple too since once we have reinstalled the system on the computer, we just have to reopen the Task Scheduler and from the right panel choose the option Import task and select the XML file That we created earlier. These steps should be repeated with each of the tasks that we have previously done backups and we will have everything ready again.

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