When is the best time to take pictures with your mobile?

To get quality pictures with your mobile phone, you have to follow the same guide as to get quality photos with a camera. Something is the time to take photos to get the best photos possible.

Get better photos with your cell phone: golden hour
One of the best hours to make good photos with the mobile is the sunset. The time of sunset will vary from one city or country to another, as well as from one season of the year to another. However, it is very simple to know at what time the sunset is in each place. Even so, we do not even have to know the exact time at which the sunset is. And is that not only can we get good photos of the sunset, but it is the best time to take photos in general. It receives the denomination of “golden hour”. It takes half an hour before and half an hour after sunset. The light level and the colors of the sky as well as the colors will be the best for taking pictures. There are a whole series of contrasts in the colors that will be great for our photos to be of quality.


There are actually two “golden hours” throughout the day. The sunset, and the sunrise. However, it is rare that you go out to take pictures with your mobile when the sun rises. However, if you are traveling in a city, it is easy for you to be walking in the sunset, and you can get the best photos at that time.

The Blue Hour
It is logical that the golden hour is named for the color of the sun. The blue hour is so named because it is the color of the sky after sunset, and before sunrise, if it is at dawn. The blue hour is also ideal for taking photos. We will find a great amount of blue colors in the landscapes as in the urban photographs because the sky is blue. However, this blue can contrast very well with the artificial lighting of lampposts. If you are strolling through a European city, it is one of the best hours to get quality photos.

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