How To Block Calls So They Do Not Spoil An Online Match Or Game

If you are playing an online game with your phone you will have all your senses put in the game and you will not want anyone to interrupt you. However, it usually happens that a call arrives and the online game is interrupted because of that call . We can block phone calls so they do not kick us out of an online game.

If you do not want to be cut in half in Hearthstone, Clash Royale or any other mobile game of fashion, you’ll be able to avoid being called for a certain time and ending the game successfully.

Whether you’re playing from home, from the office or anywhere you can connect to a WiFi network, it will be simpler. The luck of the WiFi connection is that you can activate it manually once you have connected the plane mode.

To make sure you do not enter calls you will need to connect the airplane mode of the phone and disconnect all the networks. Once they are all disconnected you can manually activate the WiFi and play without fear that an untimely call will cut the game.

When you have finished and there are no risks , you can deactivate airplane mode and return your phone to normal, allowing you to receive calls again.

If you are going to play using data rate and not WiFi, you will not be served the airplane mode trick because it is deactivated using this mode. But there is another way. You can divert incoming calls during the duration of the game so they do not interrupt you and do not lose in the game.

To be able to divert the calls you will have to decide where you want to divert them. B ien to another phone number you have (the work, for example), the fixed line home, our spouse, our roommate or our own voicemail. This last option will be most useful if we do not have someone willing to sacrifice for us and receive our calls during the game.


To divert them, you only have to use the Android phone dialer and type * 21 * accompanied by the number to which you want to divert the calls. Once we put the number, simply press the call button and we will have completed the process and we can play without risk of being cut.

Once you want to re-leave the phone as it was and remove the call forwarding you will have to follow the same process but enter # 21 # and the phone bookmark, which will allow us to receive all the calls again.

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