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Specifications Of LG X Skin Mobile Phone

He is a model LG X Skin navigates between the mid-range and input to be a device that is a suitable possibility for those who are not very demanding, and who do not expect superior performance. This terminal arrives with a 5-inch screen, with the quality of 720p, you can handle with just one hand

Specifications Of LG V20 Mobile Phone

The LG V20 is a phablet that comes to market with the best that offers the model that it replaces (V10), as it is the secondary front screen that serves to see information such as notifications, and with important improvements in regards to Hardware – including the main camera. And, all this, with operating system

Features Of The LG K10 2017 Mobile

This is the technical file of the LG K10 2017 a model that comes to market with Android 7.0, which is very positive, without missing the customary Asian company. Finished in plastic, this model comes in three colors such as gold, black and gray, and does not lack compatibility with LTE networks. The main hardware

Specifications And Features Of LG K8 (2017) Mobile

The LG K8 2017 comes to the manufacturer’s catalog for a renewal of the first generation of LG K Series smartphones and, specifically, as successor to the first LG K8. The new model maintains the line of design and counts on a data sheet and characteristics typical of a mid-range equipment without great stridencies. The

All Details About The LG K3 (2017)

The LG K3 2017 is positioned as the generational relay of the previous LG K3, the most basic of smartphones LG presented within the newly created line of LG K Series equipment. In the new model, it is also placed on the lowest step of the manufacturer’s catalog, making it the most accessible model with

Specifications Of The LG X300 Mobile

Technical data of the LG X300 a phone that arrives with some interesting details despite being a model that, in principle, is thought for the entrance range. An example is that the operating system is Android 7.0, so it is perfectly updated. In addition, it offers support for LTE networks.   This model arrives with

All Features Of LG X power2

Technical data of the LG X power2 a phone that stands out, especially, for the wide autonomy that oree but that has other details that are interesting. An example is its compatibility with LTE networks, which ensures the power to make the most of the current 4G. In addition, the operating system it integrates is

Specifications of LG G6 Mobile Phone

The technical data of the LG G6 shows LG’s latest innovation for the premium smartphone market in 2017. The device shows great new features regarding its predecessor, the LG G5, with important changes such as farewell to the modular phone concept. The screen has also been updated, both its size and the technologies it includes.

All About The LG X Venture Mobile Phone

All the features of the LG X Venture datasheet, with photographs, official videos, ratings by experts and users, and prices of all available versions.Then you will see all the features of the LG X Venture, an LG mobile aimed at the mid-range with the latest version of Android and the latest version of Android available.