Deleting Messages From WhatsApp After Sending Is Official Now

WhatsApp continues to add small features to make the messaging application much more complete and easy to use. In recent days has been adding small functions such as the possibility to look for emojis inside the application (although still gives an error), or to be able to send any type of file.

WhatsApp already allows you to delete sent messages
Now, the last feature that WhatsApp has added to the application is the ability to delete sent messages. This function, officially called ” Recall ” in English, was initially called ” cancel sent messages “, but as we have learned, the function will be called in Spanish ” Cancel sent messages “.


The operation of this new option is very simple. Thanks to it, we can withdraw a message sent to a person or a group of people in a chat until 5 minutes after sending it. Currently, the option is available in a hidden way with 8 minutes and 32 seconds, but WhatsApp has confirmed that the final time during which we can delete the sent message will be 5 minutes.

This time contrasts with other applications like Telegram, which allow up to 48 hours. The option to add 5 minutes allows us to correct errors at the time of writing, or if we quickly regret having sent a message, and can not distort a long conversation after 5 minutes.

We will have 5 minutes to do it
For Android, you simply need to press the message, click on the menu button on your mobile if you have it, or on the three vertical points that WhatsApp will add because there are no more buttons and click on Cancel. In iOS and Windows Phone, simply press and hold the message, and press on Undo.

When a message is canceled, it will be deleted in the chat of the person with whom we are talking. When we delete the message, the other person will see ” This message was canceled “, as well as we will see when the other person deletes a message. In this way, we can see that a message was sent and deleted, while in Telegram this disappears without leaving any trace.


In order to use the feature, all participants in a conversation must have WhatsApp updated to the latest version of their corresponding operating systems. If a person does not have it in a group, the function can not be used. In the event that the message is not canceled successfully, a message will appear telling you that ” message cancellation has not been completed “.

The feature will start appearing over the next few days for all WhatsApp users, both beta users and those using the official stable version.

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