All Details And Specifications Of Xiaomi Mi MIX

This is the technical file of the Xiaomi Mi MIX a model that arrives with novelties really curious and that make it different to, the vast majority of the devices that there are in the market. This is because we speak of a terminal that has a screen without borders and, therefore, presents a striking and different design. In this way, the China company demonstrates that it is not only dedicated to launching economic models but also seeks to be different.

Xiaomi Mi MIX

The IPS panel of this device, as it appreciates in the terminal, is 6.4 inches. Its resolution Full HD (.040 x 1.080, something that is not exactly usual), but that allows you to overcome without problems the 300 dpi pixel density. With the 2.5D finish, as seen in the Xiaomi Mi MIX datasheet, the truth is that it offers the most interesting options, such as occupying more than 91% of the front, which is achieved by the absence of edges. You will have to see, yes, resistance to impact.

The hardware is quite powerful since the processor is a Snapdragon 821, the most advanced of Qualcomm that works at a frequency of 2.35 GHz and that integrates a very powerful GPU Adreno 530 with the games in three dimensions, as seen in The Xiaomi Mi MIX technical specifications. The RAM is not far behind since the available options are 4 or 6 GB, more than enough to move the operating system Android 6.0 that is of the game (with MIUI customization).

Further details of the Xiaomi Mi MIX datasheet
The storage is especially well resolved because to be able to enjoy multimedia contents are offered options of 128 and 256 GB, so there is no problem in saving all the desired information and, in addition, the component is type UFS 2.0, which Ensures good performance. The battery is 4,400 mAh, as can be seen in the Xiaomi Mi MIX datasheet, with the option of using a quick recharge.


The frontal part has the own camera of the selfies in the low zone, as well as the integrated sensors what is due to a structural change due to the absence of edges. This element is 5 megapixels that record at 1080p, so that’s not bad. The main component is 16 Mpx, with the option to record to 4K and that has an opening of F: 2o. Compatible with LTE networks and Wifi Dual Band, this model for different and striking is good to keep in mind and also the technical data of the Xiaomi Mi MIX makes clear that it is a high-end device.

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