Download The Latest CyanogenMod ROM’s Before They Disappear

One of the worst news that most advanced users of Android could find is that CyanogenMod, the group of developers responsible for that ROM that allowed to install on any smartphone the latest version of Android even after manufacturers stopped supporting To devices, abandons its work and fails to develop these alternative versions of Android.


This news fell like a jug of cold water several days ago and, although the official cessation was scheduled for December 31, since the announcement the website of these developers stopped working, preventing users from continuing to browse its Web.

Although the latest compilation of the ROM’s is dated December 25, as the company said, all its additional services (such as Cyanogen Apps, phone locator, CM accounts, etc.) will no longer work as of December 31 This year, so, before that date, users are recommended to deactivate these functions, to avoid problems. has compiled the latest versions of CyanogenMod to offer downloads after the final closing of the web

Fortunately, although the download section of CM still works, the platform has compiled the latest versions of this operating system so that even if the people in charge of this ROM shut down their infrastructure completely, users who want to continue using this Rom, at least until alternatives reappear or see how LineageOS, the successors of CyanogenMod, can do it. has compiled the latest “Nightly” versions, in development, for users who want to be up-to-date, despite being unstable versions in development.

Cyanogen Mod “Nightly” Versions
And, also, the last stable versions, known as “Snapshots”, that, although they are not to the last, guarantee the correct operation of the device.

Cyanogen Mod Snapshot Versions

Bad news even for those who do not use roms CyanogenMod


Although the first affected are the users who relied on these developers to have their devices up to date, most of the independent alternative ROMs, for example, Replicant, were also based on CyanogenMod, so that, from now on, many They will be totally abandoned because they can not maintain their own updated base.

Therefore, if we use other ROMs based on Cyanogen, it is advisable to go to the main web of said ROM, or to the forums of XDA, and download the latest version to save it, like the previous ROM’s, as a backup.

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