Is it good to delete the cache regularly?

For a long time, Android users have tried hard to find a way to make their smartphone faster, something that is no longer necessary, but that has left many customs. One of them might not be so good, and it’s clearing the cache regularly. These data are necessary.

What is the cache? Briefly, we say that the cache is an auxiliary memory, high speed, which is made to make copies of some files or data that the system will need to access quickly. This data could be stored in the main memory of the mobile or online. But the cache is made so that the copy is made to this memory and can be operated with them in a simpler and more logical way. To understand it, it is as if a cook moves a lettuce to the cutting board to chop it. I could cut the lettuce itself where it was, but it is much more comfortable or effective for the cook to take it to the most accessible and prepared place. That’s the cache. What happen? Well, when we have finished cutting the lettuce, and we no longer need that lettuce, we can remove it from that place so that it does not disturb. It’s the equivalent of clearing the cache. By releasing memory, we also speed up the smartphone in a certain way.

Now, it is made for something. If we delete it when the system is using it, it would be like trying to move the lettuce from the cutting board in the middle of the chopping process. The slice is most likely to go wrong. If we delete the cache when the mobile is using it, we interrupt that process.

But what’s more, deleting the cache has more risks. Some applications may use cache data to speed up their operation, or simply to avoid downloading them from another location. This is what has happened with Google+, which has caused many users to spend gigas of data in a few hours. Google+ has had a bug, but many of the users had active systems that erased the cache from time to time. Google+, by losing the data it had cached, re-downloaded it. And again, they were erased again, causing a lot of megas to be wasted. The cache is for something, and this is an example.


Delete or not delete? The recommendation is that you do not do it on a regular basis. Cache memory is a must in any system, and its operation is usually good. On Android, it is getting better, and we can not expect that this is making our mobile go slow. If we still have to delete the cache from time to time, we recommend that you do not have an automatic delete system. It is better to erase it by means of a button that you can activate. That way, you will know at all times what the mobile is doing, and avoid this type of problems, such as Google+, which produces a very remarkable expenditure of battery and data rate traffic.

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