From one day to the next, My Smartphone Works Incorrectly And does not turn on, how do I fix it?

Sometimes, when a smartphone works incorrectly, it is possible to fix it from the settings of the mobile. However, the truth is that when the mobile does not even turn on, it is impossible to solve the problem. Or not? If from one day to another, your mobile does not turn on, this is how you could solve it.

Charges the battery to the maximum
You may have already tried to see if the problem is that the phone has no battery. And you have tried to recharge your smartphone battery. However, for any process that you are going to follow from now on, it will be necessary for your phone to have a battery, and the best way to confirm that it has a battery is to try to charge the battery to the maximum.

Press and hold the power button
There is a possibility that your phone has run out of battery power. And that the battery is exhausted to the maximum. So much would have been exhausted the battery, that the mobile would not even be able to execute the process of ignition. The battery may not even be charged. If so, keep in mind that a possible solution is to hold down the power button on your smartphone. And not a little, but 30 seconds, or even a full minute. You can try both to keep the button pressed without having the computer connected to the mains, as trying to turn it on while the battery is charging.

Power + volume
Another option is to use the power button and some of the volume buttons,to prevent the smartphone works incorrectly such as volume up, down volume, or even both at the same time. It is possible that by pressing the power button and any of the volume buttons, the mobile phone will start Bootloader mode, or in Recovery mode. However, here you will have different options with which you can select the normal start mode. The thing is, you got the cellphone turned on.

Replace charging cable or charger
It is possible if smartphone works incorrectly then that the mobile phone battery has been discharged and can not be charged because the charger or cable is defective. If so, then ideally you should change the charging cable, or the charger itself. Maybe then you see that the battery of the mobile if it charges.

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