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Yes, vacations are over for the vast majority. Summer is over and with it all that it entails. However, this does not mean that we should not travel more until next year. In fact, trips in non-vacation times are cheaper and there are some destinations where weather is not a problem . Of course, sometimes it is a huge waste of time having to plan the whole trip and for many people can become desperate. That is why in Androidtech we are going to talk about Google Trips, an app that ends with all those problems related to travel.

Google Trip

Google Trips has been launched this month on both iOS and Android. We have tried it and the truth is that we liked it a lot. In addition, it is completely free, like all the services of Mountain View, so anyone can download and start using it.

Just open the application we will leave the option to choose destination. Once we have chosen it, as well as the days we go, Google Trips will take care of everything.


Google Trips plans the whole trip

Depending on the days that we travel and the destination Google Trips will indicate where we have to go every day depending also the schedules of the destinations that we mark. In this way, we will not miss anything of the most important of the city where we go. We will have the most popular itineraries , as well as the best restaurants in the area, the best museums, and even a section where you can see important information such as nearby hospitals, emergency numbers, recommended health insurance, best shops and places Get local currency as well as information of the currency itself.

All this, of course, can be saved for offline access since it is quite possible that if our destination is abroad we do not have continuous access to data or these are excessively expensive.


Finally, it must be said that Google Trips accesses all our reservations that we made through Gmail and enter them in the ‘Reservations’ section of our trip. So, if we have taken flight and hotel and we have given our Google mail automatically all information will be added to the application without having to do it ourselves.

As you can see is a very complete and very interesting application for all travelers where, in addition, include the trips that we made previously thanks to Google Trips analyzes our Gmail to see the reservations we have already enjoyed.

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