Samsung To Triple Battery Capacity In One Or Two Years

Samsung could finally end up with the low capacity batteries that now have smartphones. The autonomy of smartphones usually does not exceed two days, and is usually only one day. However, Samsung could launch solid state batteries in one to two years, which could triple the capacity of the batteries.

Batteries with triple capacity
It could soon launch its new solid-state batteries. This new battery technology would be able to count on triple capacity in batteries with the same volume. That means that, for example, a Samsung Galaxy S8 could reach a capacity of about 9,000 mAh. In addition, they would be much more resistant batteries, which would be much more unlikely to explode as in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery. It is possible that even has decided to work on this battery to become a reality and not Again make a launch as disappointing as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which twice had to be withdrawn from the market until finally had to return the money to all users who bought the smartphone.

Will be a reality
These batteries are not only battery prototypes, they are already definitive batteries. Right now Samsung has everything ready to start making them in mass, and in a year or two could launch smartphones that have these solid state batteries that would have much more capacity in the same volume.


In addition , LG could also already have its solid state batteries to start manufacturing in the next few years. Will a Samsungs Galaxy S10 be launched with a 10,000 mAh battery? Be that as it may, it would not come until 2019-2020.

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