Send Any Uncompressed File To WhatsApp For iOS

WhatsApp not only allows instant communication with text messages but also has video calls and voice calls over the IP protocol. And on the other hand, it allows us to ‘enrich’ this text with emoticons, formatting and, of course, file sharing. Before they were just photographs we could send and receive through the platform, but from time to time we can also exchange office files.

The problem is that the file management and exchange system in WhatsApp are too limited. It only supports a limited number of file formats – for example, audio files can not be swapped – and it also applies a very aggressive compression on the photographs. In such a way that much of the quality of the same is lost. Something good when we are using the application on mobile networks, but maybe we are not interested when we use a WiFi connection and we want the photos to arrive with the highest quality.

What file formats does WhatsApp support?
Officially, WhatsApp supports file formats: csv, doc, docx, pdf, ppt, pptx, rtf, txt, xls and xlsx. But with this application, it is possible to send any file format. In addition, the other advantage it offers is that we can send the files without compression . Especially useful, for example, for photographs

This way you can send any file by WhatsApp and cancel the compression for the photos
You need to have version 2.17.31 of WhatsApp for iOS that is the last stable version (or later), and you will also have to install the Document 6 application on your device. In compliance with these two requirements, what we must do is import The file that we want to send to the Document 6 application. And after doing this, we will simply have to open WhatsApp and select the file from the application, going through Document 6 as its source.

In this way we can not only send any file format using the WhatsApp application but, in addition, we can prevent the compression. Now, we must take into account this if we are going to use the app connected to a mobile network because obviously, the mega consumption is noticeably greater when no compression is applied to the photographs and images.


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