Seven Steps To Save Your Mobile Phone if it has gotten wet

Seven Steps To Save Your Mobile Phone ,You are doing the food, you are going to clear your hands, they start to call you, you try to pick up the mobile with your wet hands, it slides, and it will fall just below the water flow. You’re brushing your teeth as they start sending you messages on WhatsApp, you’re trying to get the phone to answer alone, with the left hand, the only free one, but the letter P is so far away that in an attempt to get you the cell phone escapes and ends underneath Of water, wet. These are things that happen from time to time, and if not to you, surely to a friend or family. Do you want to know what to do when your phone gets wet with water?Now we have idea for you we have here Seven Steps To Save Your Mobile Phone.

There are Seven Steps To Save Your Mobile Phone should be followed when the mobile has gotten wet, and they will help save the device if at all possible.

  1. Remove Battery – It does not matter anything more than this. You should not take the mobile and look if the screen still works, or water has been leaked on the screen. The important thing is to remove the battery as fast as possible. A mobile is an electronic device and therefore operates on electricity. The electrical contacts of a mobile are of a millimeter precision.
  2. The water conducts the electricity, and when entering the mobile what it does is to put in contact all the connections. As you know, this produces a short circuit. Therefore, the best we can do is remove the battery as fast as possible to cut off electricity. Strangely enough, a cell phone without a battery can be put into the washing machine, removed, dried and reused as the first day. The problem is the short circuit.
  3. Checking the water damage sensor – All mobiles carry a sensor specifically designed for situations in which the device gets wet. If a user picks up a mobile, throws it in the water, breaks it, then dries it, and wants the warranty to cover it, the company could not do anything to prove it has fallen into the water, except to put a sensor. Sensor is usually a white dot, or a white square that is on the back of the device, near the battery area. If the phone has never been wet, you will find this target. However, if you find it red, you know that the warranty will not cover you and that you will have to find the way to fix the mobile. If in spite of being wet, it is still blank, but it does not work, do not hesitate, request that you cover the warranty.
  4. Run away from salt water – The next thing we’re going to say is weird, but that’s what there is. If your phone has been dropped into sea water or salt water, then you will need to rinse it with fresh water. You have to be very careful, obviously, but the salt can be dangerous inside the device, and it would be the end of it trying to use it with the salt inside it. Therefore, it is necessary to take a risk and rinse it in fresh water.
  5. Dry the mobile – This step is usually the first, and here is the fourth. The first thing people usually do is dry the cellphone, when that is not the important thing. If the battery is out, it does not matter if it dries before or after. First, with a cloth, cloth, or absorbent paper, remove all possible water, avoiding to move the device much or shake it, as this would spread the water To place hardly accessible.
  6. Try to make the void – What happens when you pick up a bottle and absorb all the air inside? You absorb the liquid it contains, and you reduce its volume. Well, something like this happens here. The device is rigid, not like a bottle, but the liquid comes out the same. This method can be very useful. You could put it in a vacuum bag and suck up all the air. If you have nothing to do with it then you will have to skip this step.
  7. Dryer heat – The sixth step must be carried out very carefully. It is about taking a hair dryer, and trying to dry the mobile. You have to be careful, because excessive heat could end the mobile, melting certain elements. Usually, today’s devices are prepared to withstand high temperatures, but do not tempt yourself to luck. The most complex is the screen. If water enters the screen, everything being so precisely and almost watertight, it will be complex to make the heat get there and evaporate the water, but you have to try. If it can be dismantled to dry, better, but that is already under the responsibility of each, and only if you know how to ride again.
  8. Meter in rice – It is one of those myths that are fulfilled. Putting your cell phone in rice can save you. Rice absorbs moisture like sponges. That is why, if the phone has been wet, after having followed these steps and let it cool a few minutes after the dryer, it is best to put it in a pot with rice for 24 hours.

After these Seven Steps To Save Your Mobile Phone, the mobile should be resurrected. If it does not, it is that it short-circuited before we removed the battery. It is necessary to clarify that this process is generic, and that if the cell phone has received a lot of water, it may be good to extend the time limits.


We can even stop using it for a week, and a few minutes a day leave it facing the sun, to evaporate that residual water that is inside.

These are the Seven Steps To Save Your Mobile Phone and check another from here AndroidTech

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