Specifications Of LG X Skin Mobile Phone

He is a model LG X Skin navigates between the mid-range and input to be a device that is a suitable possibility for those who are not very demanding, and who do not expect superior performance. This terminal arrives with a 5-inch screen, with the quality of 720p, you can handle with just one hand without problems which are the taste of many.

LG X Skin

With a quad-core processor that has a suitable frequency and is compatible with Cortex-A53 architecture and has an internal Adreno 304 GPU, so you do not have to expect great behavior with games. The RAM is 1.5 GB, enough for proper management, but no big pretensions. That is, the LG X Skin is a correct terminal.

The cameras that include the LG X Skin are 8 megapixels the rear and 5 Mpx the front, which makes it possible to record in Full HD quality (1080p). Compatible with LTE, the LG X Skin does not lack FM radio, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Also, includes NFC. As for the battery, which is removable, has a load of 2,100 mAh, which with the hardware we have said should suffice.


The storage that includes the LG X Skin is 16 GB, which is quite good, and it is possible to expand this by using microSD cards up to 32 “gigs.” In two colors, this phone is a suitable set that has in its operating system, Android 6.0, one of its great attractions. It should be kept in mind that it comes with LG UX customization.

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