Specifications Of The Google Nexus 5X

The Nexus 5X is the new Google smartphone with Android 6.0 Marshmallow as standard and other news as interesting as the incorporation of a circular fingerprint sensor in the back of the case. The team also launches other solutions already tested by LG – the manufacturer – on their devices, such as the laser camera focusing system.

Google Nexus 5X

At first glance, the design of the Nexus 5X maintains a certain resemblance to the previous model, although it presents changes in the edges and especially in the rear, where the protuberance in which the rear camera is arranged. Regarding the manufacture of the housing, LG has been the architect of assembling the smartphone and for this has used plastic materials such as polycarbonate. The result has been a very light terminal, barely 136 grams, and a few meters of 147 millimeters high by 72.6 millimeters wide. The thickness of the equipment is set at 7.9 millimeters.

The technical features section consists of high-performance components. First, Google opted for a 5.2-inch multi-touch IPS panel that maintains the FullHD resolution, but unlike the Nexus 6P, it will have a Gorilla Glass 3 glass layer with oleophobic coating.

In the multimedia field, the Nexus 5X has the same camera seen on the Nexus 6P, so the equipment offers the same features. We are talking about a 12.3-megapixel sensor with a 1.55-micron pixel size and aparture lens whose value goes up to f / 2.0. According to the search engine, these parameters allow the Nexus 5X to capture much clearer and brighter photos in dark environments. Sel memo mode, we find complements like the system of focus by laser and double LED flash. In the video recording section, the equipment supports the 4K format at 30 fps, although it is possible to record slow motion video up to 120 fps. Where differences are found is on the front camera, which features a five-megapixel sensor, f / 2.0 aperture and a point size of 1.4 microns.

As far as performance is concerned, the Nexus 5X is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, a six-core SoC that operates at a frequency of 1.8 GHz. It has an Adreno 418 GPU and Android Hub chip for the processing of relevant information Of the sensors, among which are the fingerprint sensor. In terms of memory, the Nexus 5X has 2 GB of DDR3 RAM and a storage system of 16 GB and 32 GB depending on the version. In neither case does it have a microSD card slot.


The wireless connectivity of the Nexus 5X features sections such as support for 4G networks up to 300 Mbps in download or WiFi ac double-band connection and MIMO technology. It is also equipped with Bluetooth 4.2, NFC chip and GPS assisted with support for GLONASS. Also, it is necessary to highlight the physical connection type USB-C, compatible with the system of rapid charge of the battery.

In terms of autonomy, the Nexus 5X has a battery of 2,700 mAh. Like the Nexus 6P, it improves the standby times compared to the Nexus 5 by 30%, although no more data on autonomy has been needed. Of course, the terminal has the technology of fast charge that allows obtaining 3.8 hours of use of the terminal with 10 minutes of load.

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