How to watch TV on your Android phone for free

Fights for command are one of the oldest family traditions. Four or five members in a family and maybe just for watch TV. Tablet apps on the various channels allow you to watch live TV and have done away with many of these fights. But maybe you want to have your command and not see something concrete, zapping or changing channels at will. To do this, you can watch the TV from your cell phone if you have lost the battle for command at home.

It is difficult to find an application that allows you to watch TV without fail and without despair. You can install all the applications of channels or groups in your phone or tablet and change from one to another depending on what you want to see. But it is a heavy task, it is complicated and you will occupy practically all the memory of the phone or the tablet with applications that are not always going to use. But there are applications that allow you to see everything. This is the case of Mobdro, an application that will allow you to view all the available channels in open from your phone without any difficulty. It is a very simple interface in which you only have to select which channel you want to watch and it will open directly by playing live.

How to watch TV on your Android phone
When you open the application you will see a list with all available channels. International and national channels. But also, if you do not want to see the list in full and want some order, Mobdro allows you to organize it by categories: news, series, movies, sports, music … If you are looking for something specific, the app has a search engine you can Enter the channel you are looking for and get to see your favorite show.

It is a very useful application also to find programs or broadcasts from other countries that maybe from our television we do not have access and we do not always have at hand a computer from which to look how to connect to see that particular channel: HBO, CBS, ABC, BBC … Virtually everything you are looking for is going to be there.

You can also point to the channels you like as favorites and directly access the list of favorites from the menu. So you can save all those in Spanish or everyone you think you will consult more often without having to look for them between the list or between the categories of the application.

Another major advantage of Modbro is that it does not have intrusive advertising like many streaming video playback pages. There is advertising, yes, in the channel list and in some parts of the app. But you will not have to close ad windows continuously to see what you want.


The app will not be found on Google Play. But you can download your APK directly from the phone, install it and start using it. To do this, you will have to download it from this link from your phone (or from the computer and pass the file to the phone later). In order for the app to work and you can install it, you’ll have to go to the security settings of your Android phone and check the “Unknown sources” box, which allows you to install applications from outside the Google Play Store. Once activated, you can install the application and enjoy all the channels on your phone.

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