WhatsApp Allows You To Send Any File Format

Sending any type of file on WhatsApp is really comfortable since even though the most sent are images, videos, and sounds, we also occasionally want to pass documents like PDF, text files in Word, presentations, and a lot of etcetera. Now we will be able to do all that in WhatsApp on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, as has been unveiled WABetaInfo.

You can already any file by WhatsApp, regardless of the format you have
And is that by pure pressure WhatsApp has had to yield and allow to be sent any type of file through its social network. We have to remember that Telegram already allows to do this from its very launch, being able to send files of even more than 1 GB, which are stored in the cloud to be able to download them whenever we want, and in an unlimited way.

WhatsApp added the possibility of sending documents in early 2016 but was limited to exchanging PDF and Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, including CSV, Doc, Docx, pdf, ppt, pptx, rtf, text, Xls, xlsx and the like.

As of today, WhatsApp will be activating the feature in the latest versions of iOS, Android and Windows Phone to be able to send files, including uncompressed images and videos. The activation process will be slow, so it could take up to several days to activate on your mobile.

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128 MB maximum size for iOS, and 100 MB for Android
The maximum file size that can be sent is 128 MB for iOS users and 100 MB for Android users, which makes sending uncompressed videos a difficult task, although WhatsApp will probably decide to extend this in the future. The feature will also be available for WhatsApp Web and for the desktop version, although at present it seems that the file size will be limited to 64 MB. In the case of Windows Phone, the size limit for files that can be sent is 104.86 MB

In short, the size limitation is a bit too uncomfortable, so you have to continue to use cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive or Google Photos to be able to send normal or multimedia files that exceed the size limits that WhatsApp has established For this new function, which, although it arrives several years late, it is endorsed that at last WhatsApp understands that its users are sufficiently mature to be able to send and receive any file.


What you will have to be careful from now on is not to open files in the .apk format on Android, especially if you send it an unknown number. When any type of file can be sent, there may be attackers who use the new function to send malware and try to infect users.

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