WhatsApp Is Increasingly Used As A News Source

WhatsApp News One of the key pillars of information and journalism is to contrast the sources of the information being published. The rise of Facebook and messaging applications such as WhatsApp (with groups of people) makes it possible to share information unreservedly, such as news links on fake pages or viral messages that @Policia or @MalditoBulo are responsible for disproving.

WhatsApp continues to grow as a news source
According to a study by the Institute for the Study of Journalism in Reuters, more and more users use WhatsApp instead of Facebook as a source for their news. If already some news may appear adulterated in the social network of Mark Zuckerberg, that more and more users use a messaging network involve a direct dependence on other people for information, which adds bias. In the case of other instant messaging applications like Telegram, many media have their own channels where they directly publish the news.

47% of users say Facebook is their news source, while 15% say it is WhatsApp. However, if we go to the percentages, we see that the percentage of users who get their WhatsApp news is alarmingly high. Malaysia is up 51%, followed by Brazil with 46%. Chile, Singapore and Hong Kong are between 39 and 36%. Spain is in sixth place with 32%, increasing 6% with respect to the survey of the last year. In addition, Spain is one of the countries surveyed that uses the mobile as a news source.

In some of the countries mentioned, it makes sense to use WhatsApp as a source of information, because the service has point-to-point encryption. This helps a lot in places with strong repression like Hong Kong and Turkey, where it is dangerous to express opposing opinions to the government. In addition, the media unpopularity was baited with Facebook by the topic of “fake news”, which may have led some users to prefer to use other sources.


This factor also plays an important role in countries where there are no restrictions on freedom of opinion, but it can be embarrassing to express it publicly. Thus, through WhatsApp users can share the news privately with people related to their ideas without having to express them publicly, opening to the scorn that usually occurs in social networks like Twitter.


In total, 23% of users claim to use messaging applications for information. Most use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, showing that it is the company of Mark Zuckerberg the main source of information of many users on the Internet. Both Google and Facebook have a great responsibility to be sources of information for many users, having to be revised its content in millimeter.

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