Xavier,Malware For Android Present In Applications Published In The Play Store

“To avoid infecting Malware on Android we must install only applications from the Play Store.” On many occasions we have given you this advice to try to avoid Android Malware, one of the biggest problems of this operating system, however, this advice is not always valid, let alone what it is lately, when in recent weeks we have seen New applications with Trojans and Malware published in the Play Store that has endangered millions of users, as has Xavier, a new Malware for Android that, for a change, has also infected users through the application store Google. 90% of Android applications are free, so developers choose to include advertising that allows them to get some benefit from their work.


This advertising can come from different sources and libraries, both AdSense, Google’s own advertising platform, and third-party advertising libraries. Last September 2016, a third-party advertising library began to hide in it a Malware called Xavier (very similar to another known as AdDown). This Malware is installed on all devices that install the infected Application and automatically starts collecting information about users’ devices, as well as taking control of the devices to perform other tasks.

Xavier - Malware Android en la Play Store

Specifically, Xavier has the following special features: It is able to evade detention systems from both the Play Store and Android and anti-virus applications for smartphones. You can run code remotely on infected devices, code that you receive from a C & C remote control server. It hides a module to collect personal information from users, as well as all the data on the infected phone and sends it to a remote server. This Malware for Android was hidden in about 800 applications published in the Google store and they had also been uploaded for some time, adding more and more downloads. The area most affected by this Malware is the southern part of Asia, although a considerable number of cases have also been detected in the United States and Europe.

How can we protect ourselves from Xavier and other Malware for Android

In the following link, we can see a list of the 75 most downloaded applications infected by this Malware. If you have any of them installed, it is advisable to delete it as soon as possible and, if possible, restore the factory settings of our smartphone. When no advanced persistence module or root module was detected, initially restoring the device the threat should disappear.



As we have said, for a long time, the basic advice to protect us from Malware for Android was to download applications from the Play Store, however, this advice is currently only useless, so if we really want to protect ourselves from Android malware, We must make sure that we install applications from the Play Store but that they are trusted, that is, from well-known and verified developers who are likely to take better care of the development of their applications.

Google has a problem with Malware in the Play Store, and Google refuses to put a solution. As the company prevents open source applications from being published in its application store, the number of malicious applications continues to grow in the Play Store, and users affected by Malware for Android are now reaching millions around the world.

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